Gym Features

Whether you’re a fitness noob or fitness pro, BFit provides a variety of amenities and state of the art equipment for all skill levels.

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Day & Night Access

Day person? Night Person? Bring it on, we’re ready for you!

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Private Showers & Bathrooms

We’ve seen it all, but we know you’re different. We respect that!

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Group Cycling

Enjoy a virtual ride at your own pace on exotic roads around the world.

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Easy Scheduling

You’ve got enough to do without us messing with your schedule!

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Group Fitness

Life is tough enough on your own. Share the challenge with a group of friends.

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Fit Tech

If intelligent beings from other planets visited Earth, they’d train here!

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Free Weights

Yep. It’s all a part of that low cost monthly fee.

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Your heart will thank you. Your whole body will thank you. You’re welcome.

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Easy Access

Come and go as you please. Just like home.


From beginners to athletes our private trainers from Lighthouse Fitness Management, are here to provide you the support and tools you need to reach your wellness goals!

For more information visit our HUB.


We know you’re looking for a better and more affordable place to exercise and we want BFit to be that place!